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Sun protection is definitely needed to keep our skin protected from some of the harmful rays of the sun. Although sun is a vital part of Vitamin D we must protect as we will still get some absorption for the sun. This sunscreen is great for light sun exposure. Day to day use for protection. When formulating our natural sun protectant, we wanted to keep it free of toxic chemicals while providing protection. Use as a daily sunscreen for face.

Apply to the face, then rub in thoroughly to incorporate into the skin. For Glowy protected skin.

Spf 12-15.

(NON-NANO) Zinc Oxide: provides broad-spectrum coverage that protects against both UVA and UVB rays and doesn't absorb chemicals into the skin, oils, essential oil, Sheabutter and of course our herbal Potionz.

For high sun exposure such as beaches or vacations and additional sunscreen is recommended for full protection on your body.

Zinc Buttah

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